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Easy Pile Finished Surfaces Roller Refill Teflon

Planning to paint and looking for an smooth finished surfaces roller, this finished surfaces roller refill is perfect for any paint job.

Easy Roller Refill Primer & Undercoat

This roller refill is made of Mohair pile for smooth superior finish. It is suitable for use with all paints types. It is ideal for use with bonding agents which makes it best choice for use in plaster primer and undercoat.

Effortless Mixer Paint-Liquids

Mixer paint-Liquids is a tool capable of meeting any mixing needs. It is required when mixing any kinds of liquids.

Fine Quality PVA Paint Roller

This Medium length PVA Paint roller has polyester pile which has good pick up of all paint types. The woven material will reach into all semi-rough surfaces textures to evenly apply paint to interior and exterior medium surfaces.

Fine Woven Teflon Finished Surface Paint Roller

This finished surface paint roller has polyester pile which has good pick up of all paint types. It will give you you faster coverage with best paint delivery to painted surfaces. compared to other similar rollers this will allow you to finish the job 20% faster.

Reliable Block Brush

The Builders Block Brush is a versatile brush and can be used for many purposes such as white washing walls etc. It can be used when working on walls, ceilings and even floors.

Rust proof Economical 100mm Paint Brush

Addis make 100mm paint brush with Teflon bristle wooden handle and stainless steel rim.