DIY Cutting & Drilling

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250mm Tin Snip Strong Blade

250mm tin snip is made of very high grade steel

Accurate cut Hand Saw 450mm Plastic Handle

Hand saw 450mm plastic handle makes it ideal for all kinds of sawing

Accurate Tap and Die Set 20Pcs in Plastic Case

This Tap And Die Set 20Pcs in Plastic case is an ideal tool to have.

Easy Screw Extractor set of 5 Bits

This screw extractor set of 5 bits is a handy tool for just one of those times when a disaster strikes.

Fast Changing Sanding Disc 80 Grit 10Pk

R120,00Each Set
Fast Changing Sanding disc 80 grit alternatively called Sanding disc with Velcro

Fine cut 60 tooth circular saw blade for wood

Fine cut 60 tooth circular saw blade for wood cutting Description This 60 Tooth Circular Saw Blade for wood cutting

Mounted Stone Polishing Kit 5 Piece Easy Fit

Mounted stone polishing kit 5 pieces is a tool needed for grinding and polishing

Steel cutting disc 115×1.0x22.2mm

Abrasive steel cutting disc size 115x1.0.22.2 mm disc for use with mini grinder

Strong Reciprocating Saw Blade 150mm

R79,00Each Set
This reciprocating saw blade is meant for cutting wood and thin metals. It can cut all kind of wood such as softwood, chipboard, wood, core plywood, as well as fiber boards.