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Accurate Portable Digital Luggage Scale


Portable Digital Luggage Scale is an ideal tool to have

Appliance Rollers For Easy Moving Heavy Appliances

Adjustable multi functional Appliance Rollers is movable base for many types of electrical appliances

Beautiful 3 Piece Tea Coffee Sugar Containers Set

These 3 Piece Tea Coffee Sugar Containers can be used for many items besides marking on it

Best Plastic Lunch Box Rectangular

This plastic lunch box is ideal for carrying food to work or storing left overs at home. It can also be sent with kids to school with favourite foods.

Best Price Gas Regulator Bull Nose

Gas Regulator Bull Nose type is meant to provide you with regulated gas from high pressure gas cylinder

Easy carry Plastic 2 division lunch box


Plastic 2 division lunch box. This lunch box made from food grade plastic is ideal for lunch and snacks. Two fully sealed sections allow two different kinds of foods to be carried without any problem.

Easy Install Curtain Spring Wire 5m

Curtain spring wire also known as curtain expanding wire

New Design Marble Coated Frying Pan


Marble Coated Frying Pan

This marble coated frying pan is an ideal tool for any kitchen. With it You get to enjoy the Fine Art of Cooking

New Titanium Frying Pan 22cm


Titanium Frying Pan 22cm

This Titanium Frying Pan 22cm is an ideal tool for any kitchen. You get to enjoy the ease of Cooking.

Plastic Container Rectangular Matching Lid Bright color

This Plastic Container Rectangular Matching Lid 2000mL is ideal for storing foods stuff wet or dry of upto 2000mL

Plastic Round Container Clear Lid

This plastic round container clear lid is ideal for carrying foods stuff. This container is made of food grade plastic and can be used occasionally in microwave.

Popular 6 Hole Muffin Tray

This 6 hole muffin tray is something that every household needs